Love at first sight season 2 [2008]

This is a review of Love at first sight season 2. I haven’t read this manwha since I finished its scanlation. Therefore, I had to re-read it. I had even forgotten why I started to dislike this series so much near the end.

After reading it again though, I see why.

Season 2 begins with Ban Ha-Da meeting her fourth guy, a wolf boy. This time, their relationship is far more serious than before and also far more toxic.

So far, the guys Ban Ha-Da has dated have been fairly understanding when breaking up. None of them attempted to prolong their relationship with her. What I am trying to say is that, so far, she has had an easy ride.

Not with this one though. Personally speaking, I’d say this wolf boy is a realistic type of men who simply cannot take rejections well.
Yes, there are people who cannot take rejections well. There are surprisingly a lot.

As usual, the Wolf boy and Ban Ha-Da start off well. The boy is a little (well, deeply actually) insecure and does not like her sidekick, Kang Ha-Ji hanging around her, but Ha-Da’s initial deep devotion to the guy seems to have made him understand that “a guy friend” instead of “a boyfriend” exists.

Well, sorry, pal. She fooled ya.

The series has a fast time skip shortly afterwords, allowing the wolf boy to outgrow Ha-Da. She also becomes a lot more feminine. This effectively makes Ha-Da’s relationship with the wolf boy the longest relationship she has ever had.

Kang Han-Se changes a lot as well but there is a reason for that. More on that later.

Ban Ha-Da, at one point, start to realize that chasing love as in flame does not seem to last long. She has dated four guys, and it certainly did not take her long to get bored with them or had issues with them.

She begins to think that love is not perhaps what she initially thought it was. Love is perhaps just finding someone who is the most comfortable being with you.

When she realizes this and when she attempts to break with the wolf boy, it is where the hell breaks loose.

She may have been lucky so far in guys but not with the wolf boy. He does not take the rejection well and goes violent. He actually smashes her in the face and knocks her out.

From this point on, the wolf boy forces Ha-Da to stay in the relationship. She complies in fear of being beaten.

Sounds a familiar? A typical broken relationship in real life if you ask me.

They do eventually break up but that is after him doing a lot of damage. Well, fortunately for the wolf guy (an upgrade from boy), he meets a sadist girl to go with his violent temper.

Ban Ha-Da and Kang Han-Se enter a relationship. They live happily after.

The end. Nope. Sorry.

Now, this is subjective. It is my own take. But this is where the series goes downhill sharply.

By this point, if you have read the scanlation, you’d know that Kang Han-Se hails from a shaman family. In fact, her mother is a very powerful shaman.

She was also the one who told Ha-Da that she’d meet three guys. She did not mean it however. It wasn’t a result of her divination or anything. She simply told her because she wanted Ha-Da to be with her son.

Let me explain.

Both Kang Han-Se and his mother require … compatible “sockets” due to their overwhelming shamanic powers. Having compatible partners prevent them from going insane.

For Kang Han-Se’s mother, she told would-be father of Han-Se everything before entering a relationship. She told him that she had no feelings for him and that she was marrying him for the compatibility. The guy, who was madly in love with her, couldn’t care less.

Not wanting to repeat the history of a loveless marriage, her mother sets up a nice stage for her son and Ban Ha-Da. She made sure that they’d grow up together.

While environments are easy to set up and manipulate, feelings are not. Therefore, her mother set up a clever plan to let Ha-Da experience up and downs of relationships in just a few years.

Hence, “Three men for you” prediction.

The reason Kang Han-Se hung out with so many women is, though, because he was being a kid. Kids tend to never really listen to their parents and often do the opposite of what is being asked.
He refused to trust his mother and wanted to find his compatible partner while having feelings for Ban Ha-Da. He knew the story behind his parents and did not wish to repeat the history.

Perhaps, he had a point.

Now, this setting itself is fine. I don’t have a problem with it. How the author used this setting against the plot is what I had problems with.

Ban Ha-Da, after sleeping with Han-Se for the first time as a man and a woman, finds out that she wasn’t having sex with Han-Se she knows. She was in fact having sex with someone else.

Kang Han-Se apparently let a ghost borrow his body in order to fulfill his dream. The ghost apparently died a virgin and wanted a relationship.


Why. WHY.

I do feel this twist is stupid even now. The author really should have come up with something else. I believe, when I realized this, I progressively started to dislike this series as whole.
I feel that it is a very cheap shot at prolonging the story.

The story overall takes a sharp downturn as well. They break up, and Kang Han-Se begins to work for some sort of a cult, predicting the future for business men and politicians. This appears to be the same cult which his mother is also involved with.

Then we get glimpse of aliens, time travels, and whatnot. BAH.

They eventually end up together, but the ordeal that stood between them is so awkward and blatantly stupid.

Why ruin a perfectly fine comic like this remains a mystery to me. But then again, this is my subjective view. You may have loved it. I certainly didn’t and still don’t after reading it once again after over a decade.

Regardless, I’ve talked about negatives. Let’s talk some positives then.

Even now (2020), this manwha is one of very few that portray a real relationship instead of fantasy ideal ones. I put “a” here because I am talking about Ha-Da x Wolf. Her rest of relationships are more on a fantasy level. Manwha as well as manga often put out idealized relationships with perfect or near perfect chemistry between a boy and a girl.

When it comes to Ha-Da x Wolf, nothing really clicks from get-go. It is Ha-Da that pushes for it instead of the boy. Was she horny? Was she feeling adventurous? I don’t know. What I do know is that she pushes for a wrong guy and rightfully gets punished by her decision, literally since she does get physically abused at one point.

This kind of setting is very rare in Asian comics. There are some but they always lean toward to extreme. This one doesn’t. If it did, it would have been labaled for 18+.

To be honest though, this would have made a nice adult comic.

So, there you have it, a review of season 2. In my opinion, how something ends is more important than its progress because people generally remember only the ending part, and this one failed at that. It ended on a really low note.

3 thoughts on “Love at first sight season 2 [2008]

  1. That’s a really weird twist! And why aliens? But after reading this, even though you wrote about some problems with it, I feel curious and kind of want to read the series. Haha. Maybe the good parts you talked about convinced me? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Not sure if you read these but I just wanted to thank you for translating for us readers even after the author’s writing fell off for you. This was a nostalgic re-read! It’s definitely not the greatest stories but the potential is/was there for me and because of that, I would totally buy the hard copies of the series (raw or not) if I could get my hands on them lol.


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